Welcome to the Apples & Arugula blog! Apples & Arugula is a passion project combining my love for cooking, writing, creating, and exploring the world around me.  I hope you will join me on the ups and downs of the adventures I share here!

Meal Planning Tips

There have been so many times when I found myself in the position of wanting to cook a healthy meal but feeling unmotivated to make that dinner.  Staring at a random group of ingredients, knowing I wanted to make something healthy, being someone who actually enjoys cooking, and just not finding the time or energy … More Meal Planning Tips

Sunday Brunch

Traveling has always been my great love.  I’m so inspired visiting new places, learning about different cultures, seeing amazing sights, and tasting foods from all over!  It has been a challenge to travel since my little ones so I soak up what I can though books, shows, and especially through the tales of my favorite … More Sunday Brunch