Welcome to the Apples & Arugula blog! Apples & Arugula is a passion project combining my love for cooking, writing, creating, and exploring the world around me.  I hope you will join me on the ups and downs of the adventures I share here!

AB&J Cups

I have seen so many beautiful pictures of homemade chocolate and nut butter cups and I figured it was about time I experimented with making my own. With good quality dark chocolate, almond butter, and a touch of organic jam – I feel good about letting my girls have these special treats. I used both … More AB&J Cups

Veggie Wraps

The last few days I’ve been enjoying my favorite weather – low to mid 70’s during the day and cool nights. It’s the best! I’ve been outside a lot. The garden is coming along and the girls love watering the plants (and especially love eating basil leaves off the plant!). All of this time outside … More Veggie Wraps

Meal Planning Tips

There have been so many times when I found myself in the position of wanting to cook a healthy meal but feeling unmotivated to make that dinner.  Staring at a random group of ingredients, knowing I wanted to make something healthy, being someone who actually enjoys cooking, and just not finding the time or energy … More Meal Planning Tips